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Your employees are your most valuable resource. Helping your employees find financial peace is good for you and them.

  1. Lessen the leading cause of stress and distraction

  2. Create more engaged employees

  3. Communicate your commitment to employee’s wellbeing

  4. Reduce workforce turnover

  5. Improve retirement plan testing

Because Not All of Us Speak “Finance”

A white-paper on the “Anticipated Impact of Artificially Suppressed Interest Rates in Relation to Global Trade Tariffs” may sound great as a doctoral thesis, but real people need real advice designed for their real life.

The top priority for our Certified Financial Planner Practitioners™ is to help in a way that employees understand, appreciate, and can implement. As a starting point, finding ways to make presentations entertaining and relatable is a must. Whether it means handing out lotto tickets for correct answers, explaining the stock market using bananas or featuring a 6 foot tall, animated dancing chicken, we know how to turn a traditionally snore-worthy topic into something your staff will remember and learn from.

Healthcare Workers

Dealing with an Aging Workforce?

A study by Prudential Insurance Company estimates that for each year an employee delays retirement beyond age 65, it costs the employer on average over $50,000 in additional expense including insurance costs, additional salary compared to 40 year old comparable worker, sick time, vacation time, and other benefit costs.


The Sage Rutty Retirement Concierge Service™ is designed to help employees within 5 years of retirement get themselves ready for their next chapter. You want employees who show up to work because they want to be there, not because they need to be. The Retirement Concierge Service™ helps those who have committed their career to your business take on retirement with confidence. Learn more here: https://www.sagerutty.com/retirementconcierge

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