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Fiduciary Excellence

As an employer, you carry personal liability for how your company retirement plan is operated. To help carry this burden, Sage Rutty acts as a co-fiduciary with all of their clients to ensure plans are run with participants best interests at heart and documenting all decisions along the way.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Sage Rutty is one of only six firms in New York State certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. The CEFEX Certification is an ISO 9000 process that reviews all processes and audits Sage Rutty’s Retirement Plans Services Team on an annual basis.

Employee Engagement

In a world of automated call centers and chat robots, Sage Rutty chooses to be intentionally more hands on. From the very start, we meet with every new hire to help onboard them into the plan, address questions before they become problems, and remind them of the generous benefit their employer is providing them. We recognize that finances is routinely top of the list of stressors for Americans. To help address this issue, our Certified Financial Planning Professionals™ offer no cost, objective, professional guidance to your employees on anything in life with a dollar sign.


What this means for the business is more engaged employees, increased productivity and reduced turnover. It’s a win-win.

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HR Made Easy

Handling 401(k)’s plans is our full time job. It shouldn’t need to be yours.

Whether it’s tracking eligibility, coordinating disclosures, handling enrollments, scheduling education, tackling questions, putting out fires, or anything else that revolves around retirement plans, the Sage Rutty 401(k) Team’s purpose is to make our clients lives easier.

The majority of our HR contacts are on a first name basis with Shannon, their primary point of contact, and are routinely surprised to hear “we’ll take care of that for you.” With ten team members, we have the horsepower to take on major projects with the flexibility and experience to handle issues that cookie cutter firms cannot.

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