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Sage Rutty’s Parker & Burke Group provides you a rock-solid 401(k) management process  that reflects how seriously we take our fiduciary responsibility to you and your employees.



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Focus on Plan Design and Fiduciary oversite for his growing business – and savings on taxes wouldn’t hurt either


VP, Human Resources


Help with streamlining payroll and 401k processes, which will lead to increased participation and better retirement outcomes for his employees




Wears many hats and needs a Retirement Plan Team to help educate her employees and to help her make sure the fees they are paying are reasonable

See how you could be making more, saving money, and limiting your liabilities.

Wondering What Your Competitors Do to Differentiate Their 401(k)?


Free Report:  Are Your Investments Putting You at Risk?

What is fi360 and their "Fiduciary Score"?

FI360 is considered the gold standard when it comes to evaluating fiduciary standards. The free report offered is an evaluation of how a plan’s fund lineup stacks up in the recommended areas that plan fiduciaries should be evaluating.

Funds are scored on a scale of 0 (Best) to 100 (worst) versus their peers within the same asset class. The tool takes into account the following factors:

  • Expense Ratios and Fees Relative to Peers

  • Risk Adjusted Performance (Alpha and Sharpe Ratio)

  • Performance Relative to Peers (1, 3, and 5 year data)

  • Regulatory Oversight

  • Minimum Track Record

  • Stability of the Organization

  • Assets in the Investment

  • Composition Consistent with Asset Class

  • Style Consistency


Employee education and communication


When the plan is ready, we explain it to your employees and completely handle employee enrollment. We’re here to provide answers, assist with blackout notifications, and ensure that all assets are handled with the  greatest care during transition.

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Every new year, business owners should take the time to sit down and do a
little planning, just to make sure that they'll be able to keep their company
afloat and on the right track. Doing so will help ensure the business will have
the necessary tools to maintain (and meet) its financial and operational goals, and that the firm's employees will be happy with their working environment.
Read on for some tips to help make the planning process run smoothly for
you and your business.

Every penny counts when you are running a small business. Minimizing taxes may be the difference between a profitable business and one that is just
scraping by. You all are probably thinking, “I don’t have extra time do deal
with taxes.” I heard your concerns and that’s why I’ve come up with 7 tips that
will help lower you tax bill and won’t take a ton of time.

Fees are the one thing everyone can agree on in 401(k) plans, and the consensus is they are too high. Some feel that if they pay anything as part of their company 401(k) plan they are paying too much. An important element in the fee conversation that has been missing is 401(k) plans aren’t free. As a retirement saver in a 401(k) plan, or participant, it seems pretty straightforward. Money comes out of your paycheck, you invest it and you can go to a website or read your quarterly statement to track your progress. Simple right? The logical question is why is this any different from my investment account or personal IRA? Like a duck moving across a pond, what makes a 401(k) plan run takes place below the surface and is more complex than most realize.

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