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Since Day One...

The first World War was raging in Europe, Einstein was months away from publishing his Theory of Relativity, and Sage Rutty & Co. was busy underwriting bonds. 


We've been doing this awhile.  

Although we have expanded our core business to holistically serve our clients, the underwriting of municipal bonds provides high-net worth clients a tax-free solution that they can only find at Sage Rutty.   

Underwriting - What's in it for you?

Sage Rutty & Co. is the only underwriter of municipal bonds in Western New York.  

Sage Rutty only underwrites New York State bonds that are less than $1 Million per issue.  After rigorous vetting by our Bond Department, these bonds become available to our clients.  

Since the municipalities involved do not need to hire a rating agency, the savings are passed to the investor in the form of higher yields.

For more information on our current offerings, please contact your Sage Rutty advisor.

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For fixed-income strategies, contact your Sage Rutty advisor.  


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