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Randell J. Ogden

Joining Sage Rutty in 1997, Randy brings over 25 years of experience to the team.  As the lead advisor, Randy sets the bar high. He and his team provide a high level of service to every client because every client matters.

Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor


Registered Financial
Services Associate
Kathy Kurzrock

Kathy Kurzrock joined Sage Rutty in 2003 and is determined to deliver superior assistance to each individual while focusing on maintaining and strengthening each client relationship.  As the team’s financial service professional, she handles all operations and keeps everything in order, including Randy.  Kathy lives in Henrietta with her husband and two children.


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Brendan Ercole joined The Ogden Group at Sage Rutty in 2019 with 9 years of experience in the financial services industry.  In his role as Wealth Management Associate, Brendan is the bridge helping to connect our client’s individual financial needs with The Ogden Group’s world-class systems and processes. With Brendan’s passion for building relationships and his background in financial services he seamlessly delivers expertise, customized support and efficiencies to our clients. Brendan lives in the North Winton Village neighborhood with his girlfriend, Betsy. 

Brendan Ercole
Wealth Management


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Jenna Hoecker joined The Ogden Group in 2019, bringing with her 4 years of experience in the accounting industry and 12 years in customer service. In her role as Client Coordinator, Jenna is the client concierge for the Ogden Group and will be an integral part of continuing to give each person the best client experience possible. With Jenna’s outgoing personality, passion for continuously growing relationships and her background in business, accounting, and customer service. Jenna lives in Irondequoit with her dog, Maverick.

Jenna Hoecker
Client Coordinator


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