The Ogden Group is a dedicated team of financial professionals that bring their expertise to individuals and businesses alike. Randy and his team work on everything from investing, long-term health care planning, employee benefits analysis and more.  To see a complete list of services click here.



Randy and his team always keep the trigger on the pulse of your investments and any tax consequences that may be associated with them.

They create tax sensitive strategies outside of retirement accounts with a goal to keep investment gains off of your tax form.

Nursing Care


Planning for potential nursing home costs is crucial step in any financial plan.

The Ogden Group looks at your individual situation to come up with solutions to deal with the cost of nursing care so that you and your family are properly taken care of.



The Ogden Group respects your values and creates customized socially responsible investment portfolios.

The goal for our clients is simple: Invest for your Future without Compromising your Values or your Investment Returns.



Are you Charitably Inclined?


Our comprehensive personal approach seeks to identify the best charitable giving vehicles and ideas for you.  


Our strategies can help  accomplish your goals and best take advantage of available tax benefits.

Zach was recently featured in the RBJ. 

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What Can We Do For You?

We understand what it takes to protect and manage multi-generational wealth by having the unique ability to connect with clients of all ages. The Ogden Team assists with reviewing estate plans, will consult with attorneys and accountants, conduct a Social Security benefits analysis, beneficiary review, and much more.

Retirement Income

& Distribution

  • Market tested distribution strategies

  • Convert your investments into lifelong income

  • Automated electronic bank transfers

  • Required minimum distribution calculations



  • Disciplined money manager monitoring

  • Quarterly client meetings

  • Review investments in company retirement plan

  • Suggest alternatives to lower your taxes

Family Wealth


  • Estate plan review

  • Consultation with attorneys & accountants

  • Social Security benefits analysis

  • Detailed financial planning software

Family Wealth


  • Risk assessment & allocation control

  • Beneficiary review/analysis

  • Life insurance assessment

  • Long term care planning to preserve wealth

A Dedicated Team

Randell J. Ogden
Senior Vice President, 
Financial Advisor


Zachary Armstrong, CFP®
 Financial Advisor


Kathy Kurzrock
Registered Financial 
Services Associate


Maggie Vescio
Registered Financial 
Services Associate


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are here to help you and your family in any way we can.  



This business is built on partnership. Randy and his team will partner with you to get the job done. As experts in tax money management, they know how to make the most of investments and guide each client—whether an individual or organization—to get the most out of their money. The members of The Ogden Group are professionals and their clients trust them to do what they say they're going to do.


Free Seminars

Education is Important.  Come meet the team, and learn more about how we do what we do.


Cyber Security & Protecting Your Assets

Fall Seminar Dates Coming Soon

Financial fraud is more prevalent than ever before and early detection and protection is crucial.  This seminar will discuss many financial risks that you may not even be aware exist.  In today’s society, we need to do more than ever to protect our credit, identity, and financial accounts.  Come learn about many of the ways online criminals can attack you financially and the things you should be doing to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud, and hackers.

Retirement Investing in a Volatile Market

Fall Seminar Dates Coming Soon

How do you aim to make sure you don’t run out of money if you are retiring into a volatile stock market? This seminar discusses the mistakes retirement investors often
make in their investment strategies that can cost them financially and hurt their chances of having a successful retirement. Come learn specific investment strategies to consider to manage volatility and what you can be doing in your portfolio to try to ensure retirement success.

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