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Learn how your investment performance can improve by improving your probability factors.

Learn what it takes to identify a technically sound stock, mutual fund, or ETF. Smart Beta Factors are all the rage; and with good reason.

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Following Trends - September 2019

Pina Formicola, Wealth Manager at Sage Rutty & Co. provides her monthly market commentary. Topics discussed: volatility, state of the international markets, and near-term positive signs.  

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Following Trends Podcast


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Following Trends in an Unpredictable Market

Were you one of the many investors who pulled out of the market at the end of last year? Knowing when to get back in needs to be strategic, not emotional. No one can time the
market, but you can help mitigate your risk. Come learn the key indicators used by analysts to determine market trends, and use momentum to your advantage. Don’t let a short-term correction steer you into missing out on a long-term opportunity.

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