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Live for today, invest for tomorrow.  That’s Sandy’s motto. And if you don’t know what she means by that, she’ll be happy to tell you. With 35 years in the business, and 25 of those years at Sage Rutty, Sandy is in the business of helping clients who want to be helped. Her straight forward approach allows her to find out what every client needs or wants and makes every effort to give them just that.


Sandy firmly believes that investing money is critically important, but she knows that enjoying life is equally important. Finding the right balance between building an investment portfolio for the future and enjoying life today is her sweet spot. Her direct and honest search for answers allows for a clear path to helping her clients understand exactly what they need to do and why.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Sandy doesn’t really have an “off” button. She works tirelessly for her clients and their appreciation of her efforts on their behalf is evidenced by her long term relationships and her client referral pipeline. This is what we strive for as an Advisor; it is what makes it all worthwhile and provides purpose, Sandy says.


Raised in a big family, with her father’s “work hard, play hard” ethic, Sandy understands the need to get away every now and then. She practices what she preaches and enjoys vacationing with her husband, Kevin, which usually involves scuba diving, her other passion.  Sandy’s “live for today” getaways during the year provide her with the fuel needed to dive back into her work as she reconnects with the pavement and the job she loves.

In her not-so-spare time, Sandy is a big supporter of Al Sigl Center (read more here), an organization near and dear to her heart. She also volunteers for Restore (formerly known as Rape Crisis), an organization that provides advocacy services for sexual assault victims.


Sandy lives in Henrietta with her husband, Kevin, and their two pugs, Mabel and Blanche.

Sandra J. Wehner, CFP


Corporate Vice President, Financial Advisor


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Sandy & Kevin
Mabel & Blanche
Sandy- Relaxing Under the Sea
Thank You Sage Rutty!
Sandy & Teresa (with Kevin & Tim)
Pug Life
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