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2021 IRA Contributions

2021 contribution limit is $6,000.

If you are older than 55, you can contribute an additional $1,000 under the catch-up provision. 

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Do You Have A Power of Attorney?

Do You Have A Power of Attorney?

Why do we ask for a copy of your POA as part of your record?

We cannot stress the importance of having a POA on file.

In the event of a sudden illness or incapacitation, we would need to have this document on file in order to work with whoever would be acting on your behalf. Not having this on record could hinder our ability to help in a time of need.

When is the last time you updated your POA? Did you name a Successor POA?

Periodic Review of Your Beneficiaries is an Essential Piece of Financial and Estate Planning.

What has changed since you first enrolled in your employer's retirement plan, purchased your life insurance plan, rolled over your 401(k), opened your IRA, established a Transfer on Death (TOD) account? Has anything changed due to death or divorce? Is a child with special needs named as a beneficiary?


Did you name your Estate as a beneficiary? Did you name a contingent beneficiary?


If your beneficiaries do not align with your Financial or Estate Plan, your wishes may not be carried out.


5 Ways to Identify an IRS Scam

The IRS will never do the following:

1. Call and demand immediate payment of a tax bill.
2. Demand you pay taxes without giving taxpayers the chance to question or appeal the amount they owe.
3. Require use of a specific method of payment like a prepaid debit card.
4. Ask for a credit card number over the phone.
5. Threaten to call the police to have someone arrested if a bill is not paid immediately.


Things You Can Do to Fight Medicare Fraud

• Review your Medicare claims for accuracy.


• Remember that Medicare does not call or visit your home to sell you anything.


• Be suspicious of anyone who asks for your Medicare number in exchange for free medical services or supplies.


• Ask questions about your bill, Medicare statements, and Explanation of Benefits.


• Report errors and any suspicious activity.


• You can access your Medicare account 24 hours a day at

Never share your your Social Security, Medicare or credit card numbers over the internet, on the phone or to anyone who visits your home uninvited.


Scams Involving The Impersonation of an SSA Employee

We sometimes receive reports where individuals have been contacted by someone pretending to be an SSA employee. The intent of this type of call may be to steal your identity and/or money from your bank accounts.