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Financial Planning Department

Peace of Mind

Life is Uncertain

In today's world of ever-changing tax laws, unpredictable investment returns, dwindling job security, skyrocketing health care costs, dramatic tuition increases, Medicare complexities, changing retirement programs, Social Security uncertainties, & unlimited insurance options...

It's no wonder people feel overwhelmed and anxious when it comes to securing their future.  

Gain Peace of Mind

Life is uncertain.  But that doesn't mean your financial security has to be.  In fact, today, more than ever, you want to be sure that the things you can control, you do - especially planning for your financial future.  

At Sage Rutty, your confidence is our top priority. Our financial planning team is uniquely equipped to bring you financial peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

Financial Planning Pricing

Our comprehensive and limited scope financial planning services are provided for a flat fee*.  In addition to the development of your financial plan, this fee also includes consultation with your financial planning team and advisor throughout the year, as well as minor plan changes that may be needed due to unexpected life changes such as: Birth or adoption of a child, Change in work or marital status, Death, Inheritance.

*Specific financial planning fees available upon request. 


Meet The Financial Planning Department

One of the many benefits of working with a Sage Rutty Advisor is the access you receive to our Financial Planning Department. Lead by Aaron Young, CFP®, MS PFP, CRPC®, CHSA®, AIF® and Vince Carson, CPA, our Financial Planning department provides decades of experience in the Financial Planning realm. Our Financial Planning staff is salaried, and does not work on commissions. Therefore, you receive objective, sound guidance with absolutely no regard to sales.

At Sage Rutty, we strive to match potential clients with the advisory team that best fits their personality, philosophy and investment goals.  If you are not yet a client, please call Trevor Holly, our President, at 585-512-2300 or email him at and he will be happy to help match you with the most appropriate team. 


If you are already a client, call your Sage Rutty Advisor today and make an appointment to ensure that what you have in mind is what you have in place.  

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Aaron Young, MSPFP, CFP®, CRPC®, CHSA®, AIF®

Aaron is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ PRACTITIONER determined to help clients make smart decisions when it comes to all things money. As a member of the Financial Planning Team at Sage Rutty, Aaron works with clients to develop and implement financial plans empowering them to achieve their goals. A graduate of SUNY at Geneseo, Aaron also holds a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING, is a CERTIFIED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR®, a CERTIFIED HEALTH SAVINGS ADVISER®, and is an ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY® certificant. Aaron is securities, health and life insurance licensed and is a member of the Estate Planning Council of Rochester. He spends most of his time with his wife and son, and enjoying quality moments with family and friends. Aaron’s current interests include raising awareness and funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research and volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

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Vince Carson, CPA.png

Vince Carson, CPA

Vince Carson is the Associate Director of the Financial Planning Department, responsible for working closely with the Sage Rutty Advisory team. He helps individual clients in meeting their short and long-term goals, with an emphasis on tax efficiency. After graduating with his Master of Science in Forensic Accounting, he earned his Certified Public Accountant license. Prior to working in personal finance, Vince was a tax supervisor at a mid-sized accounting firm. His work focused on tax compliance and consulting services for small business partnerships and S-Corps. In turn, Vince developed a deep understanding of tax planning for high-net-worth individuals. While Vince began his career with a strong foundation in tax and accounting, he is now able to follow his passion for helping clients make smart decisions about their financial lives. Outside of work Vince loves to golf, ski, and spend quality time with family and friends.

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