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David DeWind, CRPC®

First Vice President, Financial Advisor


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Reliable Retirement Income

Nobody wants to outlive their money. It’s David's job to prevent that. David’s credentials allow him to assist clients in pre- and post-retirement needs. He can also assist with asset management, estate planning and other retirement planning processes using models and techniques based on his clients’ situation. By having these credentials, David can help to better ensure that his clients are able to enjoy and depend on their income for many years following their retirement. David takes care of his clients and their futures, just as he does for his own family.


Family First

David puts family first—his and yours. In other words, family is his priority, so he understands that his clients feel the same way. David knows that his clients care about their futures and taking care of their families by putting the right plan in place. Working side by side, David guides his clients every step of the way to create a customized strategic plan of action for long-term success.  He has earned the trust and confidence of his clients and has developed long and satisfying relationships over the years.


David invests in his clients who ultimately invest in him.

David is on the board for the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation and is the past president of Fairport Baseball Booster Club. For David, community is so important, and family is everything. He and his wife Tammy live in Fairport with their beloved dog, Diesel.  They are coping with being "empty-nesters", now that both of their sons have gone off to college.  

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David's Team

Resources & Articles

DeWind Team

Catherine Carnegie, FPQP

Registered Financial

Services Associate


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One of the many benefits of working with a Sage Rutty Advisor is the access you receive to our Financial Planning Department. 

Working in tandem with our advisors, 

Aaron Young, CFP®, CRPC®, CHSA®, AIF®

provide years of experience in the Financial Planning realm.

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How to Help Make the Most of Your Social Security Benefits

When and how you choose to take your Social Security benefits can have a significant impact on the total benefits you receive over time. Yet most Americans don’t understand that there are a variety of benefit options and complex strategies to consider.

Get Your Social Security Statements Online

To get your Statements online, you must first create a mySocialSecurity Account.

To create an account, you must provide some personal information about yourself and answer questions that only you are likely to know.  Next you create a username and password that you will use to access your online account.  This process protects you and keeps your Social Security information private.  

New Users

You must be able to verify some information about yourself and:

  • have a valid email address

  • have a Social Security Number

  • have a U.S. mailing address and

  • be at least 18 years of age.


go to

Choose: Create an Account

follow the instructions.

After you have created your account, choose:

Print/Save Your Full Statement

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Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

Recently, Equifax announced a major security breach that may involve up to 143 Million Americans.  Staying vigilant to protect your personal data is vital.  Here are important monitoring suggestions for you.

How Much Insurance Is Enough?

If something were to happen to you, would your family have enough life insurance to continue living the way they do today? Experts say many families need 70%-90% of their current gross income if something were to happen to the breadwinner. It’s not a fun topic, but one that is very important and can help your family in a time of need.

How to Pay that College Tuition Payment

Are 529 Tuition Plans beneficial to use?   What factors influence financial aid eligibility?   It is important to have a plan in place so college can be affordable for all your family.   

Choosing Long Term Care Insurance

As life expectancies continue to increase, more families must plan for the thought of paying for their future health care needs.   Protecting your family and your assets is a must.     

Five Healthy Money Habits to Remember

These five lessons will help you become more savvy managing your money.   Call me and I will help you get started.  

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