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Knowing When You Need a Financial Advisor and Where to Find One

Should You Seek Help Managing Your Assets?

To many people, having a financial advisor seems like an independently wealthy person's game. In reality, however, sound economic advisement is a stepping stone on the road to wealth. If you're trying to improve your outlook as an investor or working on specific goals, such as providing your loved ones with a nest egg, then access to a reputable financial professional is a must-have. 

Is it high time for you to seek out financial advisement? Here are a few situations that might call for assistance. 

You're Preparing for the Inevitable

What's going to happen to your loved ones when you're no longer around to care for them? Whether you pass away comfortably in your old age or become the victim of an unanticipated disaster, it's critical that you prepare ahead of time. 

Why are financial advisors so helpful for end-of-life and estate planning? From probate court battles to unexpected tax obligations, things don't always go as planned. With more than 55 percent of Americans not having estate plans when they die and your relatives' government benefits and inheritances at stake, financial advisement is essential to ensuring that your estate does what you intended.

You've Got a Big Purchase Ahead of You

Massive purchases aren't just life-changing. They also have genuine potential to transform your financial standing. 

Large purchases can often impact your other investments. For instance, if you pay for a home addition, it's going to change the worth of your property and the equity you hold. If you're like most investors, then your assets aren't completely liquid. Before shifting money around to fund your purchases, wouldn't it be nice to know how your moves might impact your holdings?

Financial advisors can help you anticipate the impacts of critical portfolio adjustments and purchases. Since these effects are commonly unexpected, fiscal experience goes a long way.

You're Getting Into a New Investment

You might think of yourself as an investment expert, but you probably weren't born that way. No matter whether you started out with natural talent or benefited from lots of luck along the way, you probably also gained a lot through trial and error. 

New investments include novel dynamics that demand different ways of thinking. Since the performance of different holdings may depend on completely unrelated market factors, it often helps to rely on other people's expertise. 

Want to find out how Rochester's best financial advisor can help you invest more intelligently? Visit us online for other great insights and tips.


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