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Wealth Management - Find an Advisor That Can Grow Your Wealth

The advantages of expert asset management.

The average millionaire trusts a wealth manager to handle almost three-tenths of his or her assets, according to the Washington Post. Affluent individuals know that these experts can reliably protect and grow their savings. Sage Rutty's wealth management professionals provide top-notch advice on investments, retirement preparations, taxes, donations and a range of other financial issues to the people of Rochester.

What They Do

More and more Americans desire to work with strategists who can oversee several different aspects of their personal finances. A desirable wealth manager doesn't devote excessive time to any one topic, such as taxation or retirement planning. Advisers need to develop comprehensive knowledge about a wide variety of financial issues if they want to succeed in this field.

Talented professionals don't recommend the same services or strategies to every person. The best asset managers take the time to become familiar with each client. They'll ask questions about your needs, concerns, priorities and long-term goals. For instance, you might seek to gradually increase your savings without taking any major gambles. A skillful adviser would suggest the most lucrative low-risk investments for such a strategy.

The world of finance changes every day. Wealth management professionals strive to learn from others and gain up-to-date knowledge. They benefit from speaking to fellow experts and sharing effective strategies. Some individuals accomplish this by participating in meetings that attract financial advisers from cities across the nation.

Growing Wealth

An asset management firm can boost your account balances in several different ways. Professional investment advice helps people select the right stocks, bonds and funds. A manager can provide multiple services that will benefit your heirs in the future. Estate planning, trust management and legacy planning protect inheritance assets while minimizing relevant taxes.

A wealth manager can help you pay as few taxes as possible. Wise financial advice may reduce the amount of estate, income, capital gains or alternative minimum tax that you need to pay. For example, you might accomplish this by adjusting the timing of your 401(k) contributions and waiting a few more months before you sell a security.

Advisor Search

When you begin looking for a wealth manager, you may notice that most firms appear to offer the same services. It's important to take a closer look at how they deliver those services, and what values guide their service. Ask questions to verify that a financial professional is truly familiar with multiple subjects, such as loans, taxes and inheritances. Beware of individuals who really just want to sell insurance or stock advice.

It's also crucial to choose a firm that won't disappear next week. You can count on Sage Rutty & Company to meet all of your wealth management needs for many years to come. We began serving Rochester-area clients in 1915, and a number of current employees have worked here for two to three decades. Please browse our website to learn more about our sophisticated financial services and complimentary seminars.


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