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Wealth Management

How can your portfolio be constructed so that you can experience growth without unnecessary volatility and fees?

Financial Planning

How can you retire when you want without jeopardizing your current lifestyle?

Cash Flow

How do you turn your retirement accounts into a recurring paycheck without running out of money?


How can you invest your money in the most tax efficient manner?




PERFORMANCE & COSTS: If an active fund cannot outperform it's benchmark in a given asset class, we will use an ETF.


ONGOING GUIDANCE: As markets change, so will your portfolio.



UNIVERSAL MUTUAL FUND SCREEN: Only the best performing active funds make it through the first round.


PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION: Portfolio's are broken into three categories with more or less allocated to each depending on the individual goals.


Connor Holly, CFP


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Connor B. Holly,CFP® 
First Vice President, Financial Advisor

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Preparation and planning with a personal approach.

“There’s nothing more important than planning for the future, and for the future of our kids. That’s why my focus is helping clients and their families build, manage and protect their wealth.

No matter how close—or how far—you are from retirement, having a solid plan in place is critical for your financial future. And while retirement may seem far away, it’s always closer than we think. Time flies and families grow. Things change, and it’s my job to help my clients prepare regardless of what life may bring.”


Connor is a family man. He and his father, Wayne Holly, work together to provide clients with a focused financial plan that is tailored to their individual needs and personal preferences. Connor is also the head underwriter and manager of the Fixed Income Department, providing clients with tax free municipal bonds.


A graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance, Connor is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner™. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester.


When Connor’s not in the office, you’ll find him with his family. Or fishing. Or Kayaking. Or Golfing. Or Skiing. Or Hunting.

To learn more about the Sage Rutty and Company Fixed Income Department and tax free municipal bonds click here

"As a fourth generation Holly at Sage Rutty, working with families and their retirement goals is in my blood. Being able to work with my father and our clients has been an incredible experience. Let my family help yours today."

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Wayne F.Holly
President & Chariman

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Catherine Carnegie,FPQP™
Registered Financial

Services Associate

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Victoria Chase Parker, CFP®,CDFA®, CHSA®
Director of Financial Planning 

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Emergency Fund: The Foundation of Your Plan

Often, I speak with clients who have built up some extra cash in their savings account and instead of earning 0.01%, they prudently want to invest the money and get it “working” for them. As thrilled as I always am to hear this, I must ask a question first: “How much do you spend on a monthly basis?” This seemingly off topic question tends to throw them for a loop, but having a healthy supply of cash on hand is extremely important no matter your age.

ROTH vs Traditional: What's the Difference? Which is Best?

Bill: Connor, I started a new job at the beginning of the year and my employer offers two different types of 401(k)’s, ROTH or traditional. My previous employer didn’t offer this option so my question is what is the difference between the two accounts and which one should I choose?

401(k) Loans: 5 Reasons to Stay Away

At some point in your life you will need a loan to make some sort of purchase. When this need arrives, the first thing you may do is figure out the size of the loan and second, where you will get it from. Many times, taking a “loan” from your 401(k) presents itself as an option. I am going to outline the five reasons on how this can be detrimental to your retirement plan.

Who Will Raise Your Children If You Die?: 8 Questions to Consider When Naming Guardianship

Horrifying question, I know, but when we have children, one of the most prudent things we can do as parents is to create a will in which we name guardianship. Naming the guardian of your children is a very important decision and it can be quite difficult. Ask yourself the eight questions in helping you determine the best candidates:

Markets Touch -10%: What's Going On and Where to Focus

The markets were in correction (a decline of 10% or more from a market high) territory throughout the day yesterday so when this happens I like to send an email to my client base helping to explain what is going on in the markets and what to focus on so they can cut through the fear perpetrated by the media. As of the close today it looks like the markets did take a breather with the S&P 500 up 0.52%.

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