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Imagine your retirement

Waking up every day knowing you can maintain your lifestyle and never go back to work again. You can pay for groceries, bills, doctor visits, and take memorable trips with friends and grandkids.


Our retirement concierge service helps make this a reality.

What is the retirement concierge service?

Preparing for retirement is overwhelming. Our goal is to ease this anxiety.


Approaching retirement involves questions around taxes, income, investments, risk, Social Security, Medicare, inflation and more. The retirement concierge service helps you answer these questions and walk away with time specific steps to retiring comfortably.

Grandmother chasing young grandchildren
Mature, smiling African-American husband and wife

Searching for answers?

1. When can I retire?

2. How much can I spend without running out of money?

3. How do I keep up with rising costs?

4. How do medical expenses play into retirement?

5. What role do taxes play?

6. Where do I start?

Ready to get retirement right the first time?

100 Corporate Woods

Suite 300

Rochester, New York 14623

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