Retirement Concierge Service

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Is the Retirement Concierge Service Right for You?

We're Most Helpful When Facing These Concerns:

  1. Unsure of the date they can retire

  2. Need assistance with how much they can spend without running out of money

  3. Lack a strategy for growing their income to keep up with inflation

  4. Don’t have a plan for handling the next market correction in an account they are drawing income from

  5. Feel they can retire but don’t know the specific next steps

  6. Conflicted on the wait vs. delayed approach to Social Security

  7. Concerns on how Medical expenses play into retirement spending/planning

  8. Have multiple accounts and sources of retirement income and are unsure of how to coordinate what valves to turn on in which order

  9. Uncertain of the role taxes have on their investment income


We’re Probably Not the Right Fit For:

  1. Individuals looking exclusively for investment management

  2. People more than 4 years out from retirement

  3. Pre-retirees that intend for Social Security to make up more than 60% of their retirement income