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Sage Rutty Sage Advisors Team


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Designing Financial Solutions for Your Lifestyle

Neil and Laura Frood are not just great advisors, they’re true partners. This husband and wife team brings a unique perspective to each of their exclusive clients, whom they value and assist with individual care. The operational arm of the Team is run by Nancy Templeton who is the most senior financial services associate at Sage Rutty.

Meet The Team

Together, Neil, Laura, Nancy, Kate and Lauren are committed to helping their clients, their families and their friends; and if a prospective client is not the right fit, they are happy to help them find someone who is. Their focus is high level, complicated financial planning, and that requires a very specific kind of financial approach. It also requires experience – of which combined the team boasts well over 70 years of financial services work.


Financial Planning Lifecycle

We design a comprehensive wealth management plan for our clients, based on their position in the life cycle of financial and investment planning. Our goal is to assist our clients in designing and implementing financial solutions for their lifestyle.

The Life Cycle of

Financial and Investment

Planning Needs 

Designing Financial Solutions for Your Lifestyle

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